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Intraosseous access device


Easy to use hand-driven intraosseous access device developed in close cooperation with Russian special forces enables the user to quickly and effectively start fluids resuscitation / transfusion. Intraosseous access provides fast, easy, effective, non-collapsible access to the patient’s vascular system, particularly in battlefield environment and/or when IV-access is difficult or impossible to acquire: severe burns, very low blood pressure, pediatric patient, etc.

The multiple-use device is intuitively simple to operate, it does not produce noise when in-use which is advantageous for covert operation etc., as well as lowers distress level of the patient, moreover the nature of the operation of the device is such that the IO-needle does not get stuck during the insertion. Thanks to the original patented hand-drive and ergonomic construction the operator retains control over the IO-needle during the whole insertion process as opposed to ‘shooting’-type devices.

The device is of rugged durable construction, light-weight, does not require batteries and is able to operate in any environment: hot, freezing, humid etc.

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