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Hemostatic materials

Stops life-threatening bleeding in 1-3 minutes. Has no contraindications. Does not cause isothermal reaction and allergies. It is easy to use in any situation. It sounds like a fantasy, but it’s reality.

The salvation of a person’s life largely depends on how quickly the bleeding will stop. “Gepoglos” will stop severe bleeding in 1-3 minutes. It is used to quickly stop open bleeding: venous, arterial and vascular. Will help even when it is impossible to apply the tourniquet.

The product is developed on the basis of innovative technologies, which until recently were used exclusively by foreign security  services and armies. Today it is available for wide application.

Areas for use

Technology and operating principle

High efficiency of the product provides a special combination of salts of acylated chitosan—a bio-polymer obtained by activation of natural chitin of marine crustaceans, with a complex of auxiliary substances. The mechanism of action of the substance is electrostatic: the active substance-polymer carries a positive charge and, when interacting with the bleeding blood, causes the negatively charged red blood cells to “stick” onto the polymer chains, which leads to the formation of stable clots that cover the flow of blood from the damaged vessel. Thus, the bleeding is slowed down and then the own mechanisms of hemostasis enter into action.

“GEPOGLOS” does not affect the coagulability of the blood and does not produce heat during application. Salts of acylated chitosan and auxiliary substances, being polysaccharides, are easily cleaved by the body and completely eliminated. Both in clinical trials and in the application of “GEPOGLOS” no cases of allergic manifestations, effects on coagulation or other side effects were recorded.

It is very easy to apply “GEPOGLOS”. It is necessary to fall asleep it in a wound and to cover, if it is an applicator or a powder. If the bandages, then tamp the wound, first trying to remove the blood from it, as much as possible. After that, it should be pressed for 3-5 minutes. Having convinced of a stop of a bleeding, to dress up a wound and to address for the qualified help.

Advantages of “Gepoglos”


Meets all quality standards
Does not emit heat
Blood pressure remains normal
Easily excreted by the body
Tested in the troops


Works under conditions of hypothermia
Extremely easy to use
Bandage does not crumble, soft
Long stored
Robust vacuum packaging
Low price

Form of issue

“Gepoglos” is produced in the form of sterile multi-layer and single-layer bandages in hermetically sealed packaging, powder and applicator with powder.

The product photo


The manufacturer of “Gepoglos”—the company “LUMI”, successfully presented on the pharmaceutical market for two decades. Preparations are made from the raw materials of proven, reliable manufacturers at the company’s own plant equipped with the latest equipment. Official site.

Deliveries of products

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