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First-aid wound care


  • Wound-rinse antiseptic in spray-form – contains mild surfactants and antiseptics to simultaneously rinse off dirt and debris and disinfect the wound. Effective first-aid mean to prevent infections and clean the wound. Reduces the time per-patient, removes the need for clean water.
  • Hydrogel for burn-management – provides quick and effective aid for burn victims. The gel was specifically formulated to not only cool the wound but alsot quickly relieve pain and ensure asepsis of the wound. Available in many forms for particular wound sites including large area blankets, gloves and masks impregnated with the gel.
  • Wound glue – quick, easy and painless mean to close gaping wounds or to cover abrasions (for example foot blisters), creates durable cover. Reduces the need for stitching the wound, provides a fast relief for small superficial wounds.
  • Sun-, chemical-burn, snow-bites foam – aerosol spray that creates foam over the affected area, special formulation with high concentration of d-Panthenol quickly relieves pain and other symptoms of minor burns and snow-bites.

Deliveries of products

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