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First Aid Training Simulator


Our mannequin is designed to train personnel to diagnose injuries and provide first aid, including multiple injuries. It gives possibility to simulate the most life-threatening injuries in any given form.

The training dummy has several versions with size and weight differences with various damage possibilities and simulation opportunities for training out various assistance activities. Our simulator is universal and can be modified upon the customer’s request to perform almost any tasks.

When working with a simulator, it is possible to work out the following first-aid measures:

  • asphyxiation elimination and installation of the air duct;
  • artificial lungs ventilation and indirect heart massage;
  • external bleedings;
  • choice of anesthesia, depending on the area of ​​damage;
  • the imposition of various types of dressings, starting with a simple limbs splints and up to the most complex combinations;
  • carrying out transport immobilization in case of injuries and limb tears, head and neck injuries.

We can add any additional equipment for monitoring and control of the conducted manipulations at your request.

Deliveries of products

We stand ready to promptly fulfil orders of any volume in Russia and CIS. Please contact us in any way convenient for you. Our contact details:

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